Avaya TN2302AP HV20 IP Media Processor (700394604)

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TN2302AP Features

  • Supports hairpin connections and shuffling of calls between TDM connections and IP-IP direct connections
  • Can perform echo cancellation, silence suppression, fax relay service, DTMF detection, and conferencing
  • Can be updated using the firmware download feature
  • Supports fax, TTY and modem calls over corporate intranet using pass-through mode
  • Supports 64kbps clear channel transport in support of BRI secure telephones and data appliances (does not include support for H.320 video)
  • SupportsT.38 Fax over the Internet and modem tones over corporate intranet
  • Comes with MedPro Adapter 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interface (8485258887)
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