Avaya G650 Media Gateway (700394950)

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Avaya G650 Media Gateway

  • The Avaya G650 Media Gateway is a fourteen slot, rack mounted carrier configured for TN form factor circuit packs.
  • The G650 Media Gateway is used with the S8500 and S8700-series Media Servers.

Avaya G650 Detailed description:

The G650 is 8U or 14 inches (35.6 centimeters) high and mounts in a standard 19 inch (48.3 centimeters) data rack. The G650 uses one or two 655A power supplies, operating on AC and/or DC input power. Either power supply can provide all the power needed by the G650. When two power supplies exist, they share the power load. One power supply can operate on AC power and the other on DC power. However, each power supply has its own AC power cord so that both power sources can power the Media Gateway imultaneously. Both power supplies can take input power from the DC input cable if their AC power fails. The system will always use AC power if available.


The G650 can be rack mounted or, in single G650 configurations, table or floor mounted. Multiple G650s, up to five, can be mounted in a rack and connected by TDM/LAN cables to create a G650 stack. The G650 is mounted in industry standard EIA-310 19 inch (48.3 centimeters) open racks. The G650 provides options for front or mid mounting. Although the G650 can be mounted in a 19 inch (48.3 centimeters) four-post data rack, the G650 does not mount simultaneously to all four posts. When mounted in a four-post rack, the G650 uses the front mounting position.



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