Partner ACS R8 5x9 Processor (700469687)

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Partner ACS R8 Features:

  • Provides 5 Lines and 9 Stations
  • Paging Port
  • Backup/Restore Capabilities (BU Restore card sold separatately) 
  • Caller ID name and number (simultaneous)
  • Caller ID Display on Transfer
  • Connect analog devices directly (Fax, modem ect..)
  • Music On-Hold Port
  • SMDR Station Message Detail Recording port 
  • Power failure transfer ports
  • Record-a-Call
  • Remote Admin & Programming
  • T1 Module Support
  • Remote Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID provided to analog tip/ring devices
  • Absent Text Message allows you to post an away message on the display of the Partner 34D or 18D
  • Network Time Synchronization allows you to synchronize the system time with your network provider's clock or by the internal system clock
  • Hot Dial allows you to set your system phone to go off-hook and start dialing as soon as the dial pad is activated
  • Message Alert Notification allows you to program a button to notify you of a message waiting at another extension
  • Personalized Station Ringing allows you to assign a personalized ring pattern to an extension for intercom calls
  • Override Line Ringing allows you to override the Unique Line Ringing settings for an extension and set all incoming calls to ring with a Personalized Station Ringing pattern


  • ACS T1 Module
  • 012E Module
  • 1600 DSL Module
  • 362EC Module
  • 308EC R1 or R3
  • 206E R1, R2, R3, R3.1 & R4.1
  • 206EC R3.0, R3.1 & R4.1
  • 200E R2 & R3.1
  • 400E, R2 &3.1
  • 400EC R2 & 3.1
  • 2-slot carrier
  • 5-slot carrier
  • Partner ACS Contact Closure Adapter
  • Voice Messaging PC Small & Large
  • Partner VS Mail R1, R3, R4.1 & R5
  • ACS ASA/DXD Card
  • MLS Phones
  • Partner Euro Phones
  • Partner Series 2 Phones
  • MDW9030/9031 cordless phone
  • MDW9040 Cordless Phone
  • 3910 Cordless Phone
  • Analog/Single line phones
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