Partner VS Mail R5 (6108-542)

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Partner Mail VS R5.0 Features

  • 2 or 4-port, 48-mailbox 100-hour storage voicemail
  • The 4-port option enables call recording
  • Users can press one key and record their conversation to their voicemail box
  • Automated Attendant Service (i.e. Press 1 for sales...Press 2 for shipping...etc)
  • Allows 4 different company greetings based on the number dialed
  • Night Service feature for after-hours call handling Mailbox users can listen to, save or delete messages, record personal greetings, forward messages with comments to other mailboxes, create broadcast lists, ...etc.
  • Remote Message Notification (calls a pre-programmed number to notify when a message has been left in a mailbox)
  •  Full compatibility with all releases of Partner ACS, Partner Plus or Partner II systems release 3.1 or higher Requires an empty slot in a Partner 2-slot or 5-slot carrier
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